Photos from the QUAFETY final meetings

The QUAFETY final event, held in Rotterdam (NL) on 25 March 2015, represented also a good opportunity for all QUAFETY partners to meet, discuss and finalize final aspects related to the project results and reports. 

Project meetings among each work package (WP) and to discuss about reporting procedures were planned on March 24th, whereas during the afetrnoon of March 25th it was held the fourth Steering Committee meeting.

Some pictures from the meetings are showed below.

WP 1 meeting

Luciano Beneduce (UNIFG)

From left side Giacomo Cocetta, Antonio Ferrante , Anna Spinardi (UMIL) and Spiros Paramitiotis (AUA)

Antonio ferrante (UMIL)

Spiros Paramitiotis (AUA)

WP2 meeting

from left side Ana Nobre (Nuvi Fruits), Hilary Rogers (CU), Maria Luisa Amodio (UNIFG), Miguel Barbosa (Nuvi Fruits), Periklis Tzmalis (AUA), Maria Joao Pereira (UCP) and Carsten Muller (CU)

WP3 meeting

Ana Amaro (UCP)

From left side Manuela Pintado (UCP), Elyn Xu (LMET) and Antonio Stasi (Dare)

Elin Xu (LMET)

WP 4 meeting

From left side Agni Hadjilouka (AUA), Amalia Conte (UNIFG), Maria Grzegorzewska with some members from IO team

Victor Rodov (ARO)

Collective meeting on reporting procedures

Fedele Colantuono (UNIFG)

Steering Committee meeting with all partners, chaired by the project coordinator Prof. Giancarlo Colelli