ESB - Escola Superior de Biotecnologia / UCP - Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Portugal)

UCP is a College of the Catholic University of Portugal, founded in 1984. The college offers five undergraduate programmes, e.g. BioEngineering (Food Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Environmental Engineering), Nutrition Sciences and Microbiology, with over 800 students, and various MSc and PhD programmes. ESB - - harbours the Centre for Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry (CBQF), a research unit that hosts over 100 researchers, ca. 15% holding doctoral degrees and ca. 50% postgraduate students. CBQF has consistently achieved the rating of Very Good in international evaluations promoted by the national research agency. In 2005, the Centre became a State Associate Laboratory, INTERFACE A4 – in the Food and Environmental sectors. UCP also harbours the Centre for Innovation and Industrial Technological Support (CINATE), which offers a wide range of contract services, from product development to industrial projects.

UCP has a strong background in R&D in the Food and Environmental areas, collaborating in national and international projects. UCP has excellent facilities for food research, e.g., pilot plant facilities for several food processing units, organic and inorganic chemistry, microbiology and biological processes. The complementary of methodologies and techniques that exists between different research groups strongly contributes to the quality of joint research projects and allows PhD. students to benefit from a multidisciplinary approach. In recent past, UCP was involved in a Coordination Action of the Sixth Framework Programme, Food Quality and Safety - GRUB'S UP, Recycling and Upgrading Wastes from Food Production for use within the Food Chain, with an emphasis on recovering high-value products from by-products and EULAFF - European Federation of Biotechnology Latin America Action on Functional Foods and INSOLEX - Innovative Solutions for Extracting High Value Natural Compounds.

ESB research interests include Biotechnology - carry out research in a range of key technologies for the production, characterization, and preservation of industrially/traditionally processed food products. Examples from work carried out at UCP include: (i) development and validation of bioactivity and safety of functional ingredients; (ii) recovery of proteins and functional ingredients from by-products; (iii) the extraction and synthesis of novel compounds with health beneficiary effects from microbial and food sources; (v) scaling-up of processes (vi) characterization of food products and improvement of their quality and safety.


Project Update - Event

QUAFETY Demonstration Session at Portuguese Catholic University

The Workshop "Non-Destructive Methods for Evaluation of Quality and Safety of Ready to Eat Fresh Products" will take place…  more »

Project Update - Report

QUAFETY DEMONSTRATION ACTIVITIES IN PORTUGAL - a report including a description of main activities and showing representatives photographs

/downloads/8561D_ReportDemonstrationPortugal.pdf …  more »

Project Update - Event

Poster presentation at the 8th World Congress on Polyphenols Applications

The poster "Effect of modified atmosphere packaging on ready-to-eat rocket leaves antioxidant activity and polyphenols…  more »