EFI - Einat Food Industries (Israel)

Einat Food Industries (EFI) - www.einatfood.com - exists as a separate enterprise since 1984. In its early days, the company based its output on production of a wide range of croutons with a variety of flavours and textures, and coating systems such as bread crumbs, batters, tempura and others. The company has achieved international recognition for the superb quality of its products from many international companies in Europe, North America and Asia being today EFI’s regular customers.

The company is examined for its adherence to international standards by the appropriate regulatory authorities and organizations, including ISO 9001/2000, ISO 22000, ISO 14000, HACCP and BRC. EFI's products are also manufactured according to the strict Jewish dietary laws closely monitored by the appropriate bodies.

In the 2000-es, looking into the future needs of the market, EFI decided to enter the market of fresh ready-to-eat products. As its first step, the company set up a production line for fresh sandwiches. Today, the widest range of EFI’s sandwiches is delivered daily to food chains, stores, supermarkets and institutions all over the country by an independent logistics system ensuring that the products reach their destination in top condition.

For the second stage, EFI purchased in 2010 a factory that produces a range of fresh-cut packaged fresh fruits (a wide range of seasonal fruits and distinctive combinations including pomegranate arils) which distributes them, through our independent logistics system, to the Israeli marketplace. Additionally, produce is air freighted daily (to ensure maximum freshness and quality) to retail and institutional markets and sales points in Europe and North America.


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