AGR - Agronomia scarl (Italy)

The Agronomia Group - - was established in 2004 by Agronomia Srl, a company producing ready-to-eat salad vegetables and based in S.Paolo d’Argon, in the Italian province of Bergamo. In 2007 the company evolved with the foundation of OP Agronomia Scarl to better satisfy its customer’s demands on quality and quantities. Subsequently, in 2008, Jentu was founded on the Salento peninsula (Puglia), with a new production site chosen to serve the southern Italian market. All the companies in the Group apply the integrated pest management methodology of their production region. Raw materials are managed with a traceability system and cultivators are supported with an Agronomic Service equipped with two microbiological laboratories.

“Agronomia Group” has an internal staff of agronomists and biologists dedicated to Research & Development specifically for the ready-to-eat sector. The Group also collaborates with Milan Polytechnic, the University of Lecce, and the Volcani Center in Tel Aviv. The best of this resource are dedicated to develop advance agricultural system like "soiless" (no floating) for baby leaf and indivias.

Concerning the “quality and safety management” the Group is certified by ISO 9001 (CSQ - IQNET), ISO 22000 (alimentary safety and HACCP), in addition to satisfying BRC (British Retail Consortium) IFS (International Food Standard); EMAS (environmental protection), GLOBAL GAP (sustainable agronomic practices), ISO 14001 (environmental management system).

In 2009 the Group generated a turnover of 14 million euro. 


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