INSAD - Research Institute of Horticulture (Poland)

Research Institute of Horticulture, Division of Vegetable Crops is the main research unit in Poland developing scientific and practical base for production of vegetable crops in the field and under cover as well as mushroom. Most of the R&D works carried out at Division of Vegetable Crops is related to priority areas of agricultural research defined by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Developments including: genetic, breeding and biotechnology; technology of vegetable production in open filed, under cover and mushroom growing; plant protection against diseases, pests and weeds; technology of vegetable storage, processing and quality and biological value evaluation. The division has research cooperation with foreign research centers. There are special laboratories with modern equipments and experimental fields with certificates. Department of Vegetable Storage and Processing consists of two laboratories, namely: Laboratory of Vegetable Storage and Postharvest Physiology and Laboratory of Vegetable Processing and Quality Evaluation.

Scientific activity of our department comprises the different aspects of vegetables quality of fresh, stored and processed products. The investigations are focused on postharvest physiology and storage technology improvement and development of new methods and solutions in technology of vegetable storage including evaluation of suitability of species and new cultivars of vegetables for storage and fresh market.


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