Work Packages

WP1 - developing of diagnostic kits to predict quality and safety of raw material and final product (partners involved: AUA, UNIMI, UNIFG-Disa);

WP2 - developing of process control aids based on non-destructive and rapid evaluation, aimed to enhance the final quality of the product (UNIFG-Prime, UCP, CU);

WP3 - developing of decision support tools in very critical points of the fresh-cut processing chain from raw genotype selection to economic strategy planning (UNIFG-Disa, UCP, ARO, LMET, DARe);

WP4 - investigating innovative processes to improve quality and safety of freshproducts (ARO, UNIFG-Disa, AUA, AGR, INSAD, UNIFG-Disacd).

WP5 - implementation and demonstration of the technological innovations produced by WP 1 to 4 (all Partners involved).

WP6 - economic evaluation of the technological innovations produced by WP 1 to 4  / economic impact of new technologies on the companies’ cost structure and revenues and on consumers’ acceptance and willingness to pay for “innovated” products (all Partners involved).

WP7 - defining a more efficient management system for quality and safety of RTE (ready-to-eat) fresh produce along the production chain (all partners involved).

WP8 - dissemination of results to potential users (i.e. food industry, consumers, health authorities, mass media, etc.). All partners involved, coordinated by FreshPlaza

WP9 - management of the consortium and its activities to ensure the success of the cooperation among all partners.