QUAFETY meeting at Skierniewice (Poland), 23 March 2014

Within the QUAFETY dissemination event in the 3rd Intnl Conference on Effects of Pre- and Post-harvest Factors on Health Promoting Components and Quality of Horticultural Commodities  (Skierniewice, Poland) a meeting of QUAFETY scientists was held on Sunday March 23, in order to discuss the state of the art of the Project.

In the photo, from left-top, Antonio Ferrante (University of Milano, Italy), Kalina Sikorska and Maria Grzegorzewska (Institute of Horticulture, Poland), Giancarlo Colelli (University of Foggia, Italy), Periklis Tzamalis (Agricultural University of Athens, Greece), and from left-bottom, Marina Cavaiolo (UNiversity of Milano, Italy), Manuela Pintado (Catholic University of Porto, Portugal), and Nathasha Spadafora (Cardiff University, UK).