QUAFETY dissemination at the 7th European Short Course on Quality and Safety of Fresh-cut produce

Based at a city-centre location in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, this Short Course (21-23 January 2015) provides an overview of the state of the art in handling fresh-cut produce, aimed at both the industry and scientific community.

The course comprises a series of seminars from leading scientists in this field and excellent networking opportunities, covering the following topics:

  • Factors affecting quality of fresh-cut produce
  • Development of markers for predicting and monitoring shelf-life
  • New equipment of relevance to testing and processing
  • Control and testing for microbial contamination to guarantee safety
  • Handling considerations for both fruits and salads
The event also includes results from our EU QUAFETY project; scientists from different partners are presenting their achievements as follow:

G. Colelli (UNIFG) - An introduction to quality and factors affecting quality of  fresh-cut produce: Project QUAFETY               

M.L. Amodio (UNIFG) -  Quality predictive models     

A. Ferrante (UMIL) - Quality molecular markers   

H.J. Rogers/C.T. Muller (CU) - Quality VOC markers              

A. Stasi (DARe) - Cost/benefits DSS     

E. Drosinos (AUA)- QUAFETY update: Food quality and safety management systems evaluation   

V. Rodov (ARO) - Modified atmosphere packaging: Plastic Film Technology and Selection              

M. Pintado (UCP) - QUAFETY update: Nutritional markers for quality of rocket strawberry and melons       

For more information about the event, please visit the following website:

Organized by: Cardiff University (UK), University of Foggia (Italy), University of Reading (UK), and Cranfield University (UK)