Great success for the QUAFETY event at the Forum of Fruit Logistica 2015, Berlin

The Project QUAFETY fully achieved its objetive on results dissemination within the International trade show Fruit Logistica 2015 (Berlin, 4-6 February).

The event "LATEST ON QUALITY & SAFETY OF FRESH-CUT PRODUCE: RESULTS FROM EUROPEAN PROJECT QUAFETY" which took place on February 4th, from 1:00 to 2:30 pm (Hall Forum, Hall 17) was a real success for the Project QUAFETY. Scientists were very satisfied by the number of people who participated in, and for their reaction and insterest on the project results.
Some pictures from the event are showed below.

Giancarlo Colelli (University of Foggia, Italy) introducing the Project QUAFETY.

Antonio Ferrante (University of Milan, Italy), talking about: Monitoring Produce Quality & Safety throughout the Chain.

Ana Amaro (Catholic University of Porto, Portugal) presenting their results on: Impact of Storage Conditions on the Nutritional Quality.

Carsten Muller (Cardiff University, United Kingdom), talking about: Smelling Shelf life, Potential of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) as Tool for Monitoring Quality.

Victor Rodov (ARO Volcani Center, Israel), presenting: Fresh-cut Melons: Why, What and How, Predict and Prevent, Seek and Destroy.

Luciano Beneduce (University of Foggia, Italy), talking on: Predict and prevent, seek and destroy, improve and improve: the Challenge of Safety.


Agni Hadjilouka (Agricultural University of Athens, Greece), presenting: Improving Guidelines for Produce Safety.