"QUAFETY Expert System", a new application developed within the project QUAFETY

Scientyists of the Universidade Catolica Portuguesa have developed  an "Expert System" program  to gather, transfer and give worldwide access to the knowledge obtained throughout the Project QUAFETY.

The application will provide the industry with useful information for developing processes aimed at the modulation of nutritional quality and shelf-life extension of rocket leaves, cantaloupe melon and strawberry.

Please click here to download the application directly on your pc and get access to useful information!

How to install and use the application:

After the download, copy on your desktop the main folder (APPExpertSystemQuafety_V3) wich contains the application (APPExpertSystemQuafety.exe) and the PDF files required by the application.

Once the app is saved, you may choose the product (rocket leaves, cantaloupe melon, strawberry), the experience (audit, packaging, storage), the related process and then you get the document with the information and recommendations.