Meeting between the Coordinator and FreshPlaza for Workpackage N. 8

Last Wednesday 11 July 2012, there was a meeting between the Scientific Coordinator, Professor Giancarlo Colelli, who was accompanied by a member of his research group, Dr Maria Luisa Amodio, and FreshPlaza magazine, represented by Rossella Gigli, who is the FreshPlaza Managing Editor for Italy and she was accompanied by a member of her staff, Dr Emanuela Fontana.

The items on the agenda of the meeting concerned the activities of workpackage N. 8 of Quafety and are following reported:
1)    Next dissemination activities;
2)    Organization and management of Quafety website

During the meeting, the next dissemination activities of FreshPlaza have been specifically settled. FreshPlaza will send an e-mail to all Quafety partners to inform about 1) the full-time availability of Dr Emanuela Fontana on Quafety project from 1 July 2012, and 2) the opportunity to collect past and present studies on safety and quality of fresh-cut products. The latter aspect will be used by FreshPlaza to produce new popular papers for Quafety project sections inside the international newsletters of FreshPlaza magazine.

In regard to the second item on agenda, the coordinator, Professor Giancarlo Colelli, has listed some aspects with respect to the Quafety website that should be improved as soon as possible. The coordinator has underlined the necessity to make the website more dynamic, so that all partners can put information (news, papers, reports, etc.) in the website in real time. This website management should make the coordination activity more efficient and should always maintain the work progress of the project updated.