QUAFETY at the Technical Mission Europe - MAC Frut 2013

Prof. Giancarlo Colelli (QUAFETY project coordinator) participated to the event Technical Mission Europe-MacFrut 2013 within the fair MACFRUT2013 (Cesena, Italy) on 20th September 2013.

The event involved delegates of the Brazilian association APHORTESP (Association of Producers and Distributors of Hortifruti the State of SAO Paolo) and representatives of the IBRAHORT (Brazilian Institute of Horticulture). 

Prof. Colelli talked about the project QUAFETY, introducing its objectives and presenting the results obtained during the first period of activity. During this event, flyers and print out of the results obtained by different partners involved into the project were also distributed.

Participants showed their interest on the QUAFETY topics related to the innovations on quality and safety of horticultural production together with the competitiveness coming from the project foreground application.

Companies of the APHORTESP present in the meeting were AP, MATSUSAKO, LS, Sitio Hiromi, Takagaki, Tomita, Agrolife, 1 Club, Granjadois Irmaos, Hydromania, Insightmedia, Kitazawa, Noda, SAKATA, all involved in the production and distribution of horticultural crops.