Minutes of the WP7 Skype-meeting, held on March 11th 2013

Minutes of the WP7 Skype meeting, held on March 11th 2013
Objective: the Skype meeting, among the WP7 leader and the partners involved in WP7, was aimed to have a state of the art of WP7 activities, and to discuss about possible interactions between the WPs
Eleftherios Drosinos (AUA)
Antonio Ferrante (UNIMI)
Hilary Rogers (CU)
Mauela Pintado (UCP)
Victor Rodov (ARO)
Antonio Stasi (DARE)
Fedele Colantuono (UNIFG)
1.WP interaction
2.Discussion and proposal of indicators
3.Finalization / validation of questionnaire.Summary of discussion
Dr Eleftherios Drosinos (WP7) starting the meeting informing the participants for the objectives of the WP7, and the progress achieved till now. Particularly highlighted the necessity for interactions between the WPs, in order to created one more complete diagnostic instrument for assessment of the QMS/FSMS in SMEs.
Dr Antonio Stasi (WP6) mentioned the interaction between the WP3 and the subtask 7.1.1 of WP7.
Dr Antonio Ferrante (WP1) commits for his contribution in WP7 through the activities of WP1.
Dr Victor Rodov (WP4) talked for issues relevant the implementation of questionnaire in SMEs and requested clarifications for the critical sampling points.
Dr Hilary Rogers was not able to connect in the meeting, but through Antonio Ferrante, suggest to use the evaluation of volatile with SPME techniques (WP2) for analysis of post harvest quality.
Dr Drosinos asked for all the partners to give their feedback with ideas or remarks which could be useful, in order to finalize the questionnaire. He also mentioned that it could be used as lure to the SMEs, the fact that after the completion of the questionnaire, the SMEs will take classification, depending of its level of QMS/FSMS which implement. Furthermore, improvements in their implementation of QMS/FSMS, and suggestions to increase food safety and quality, it is possible to give through the results of the evaluation.
The meeting was closed by Dr Drosinos, which proposed some dates for the next months:
All the interventions from the partners, in order to finalize the questionnaire should be sent by the end of March.
Until 15/04/2013 completion of questionnaire
Until 17/05/2013 validation of questionnaire in SMEs, from the partners.
By the end of September should have finalized the implementation of questionnaire in SMEs.
Furthermore, another Skype meeting will be scheduled with the partners for SMEs, in the next few weeks.